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With our delightful pandemic, a lot of people are new to working from home. I’ve been doing this for over a decade now, so I feel like I might have a bit of wisdom for those who are new to this.


Get dressed! (In new clothes… every single day.)

I’m a work-from-home author who not only gets dressed every morning, but who does her hair, puts on face cream/makeup, buys new clothes, and even wears perfume. It might sound nuts, but I have a few reasons.

  1. I feel like a successful person facing the day when I’m dressed and smelling/looking nice.
  2. It gives my brain the kick that it needs to get into work mode. At the kitchen table in my bathrobe: that’s home time. I can stare blearily at the wall or chit chat with my family, or just enjoy my tea. When I’m dressed and “presentable”: time for work!
  3. It really helps keep the blues away. Sitting in my bathrobe, looking at pictures online of women looking great makes me feel dowdy. But when I feel like I look nice, I don’t get that “oh, look at her… She looks great… I feel fat…” kind of mood.
  4. I like turning Mr. Johns’s head. There, I said it! I really do! I like having him come home from work carrying a bag of tools, and have him see me looking pretty. And when I go get a kiss, I like to smell like my favorite perfume. If I can’t be the prettiest girl in the room in my own kitchen, then when else can I do it?

So there you are–several excellent reasons to get dressed in the morning! You know, in case you needed them. 😉


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