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JEB’S WIFE is on the shelves now, and I’ve been hearing from a lot of readers saying that they’ve picked up their copy and just loved the book. That makes an author’s entire week! Or more. After all that hard work, having a story out there in the world and having readers enjoy it this much makes it all so worth it.

And there it is, is all its glory! Isn’t it pretty?

Here’s a fun fact for you–in my area in Alberta, Canada, Walmart stocks cowboy stories instead of Amish, so I’ve never seen my Kensington books on the shelves in person. Luckily, I have incredibly kind readers who will snap a photo of it for me so I can at least see a picture of my book out there in the wild… 😉

I do hope you’ll pick up a copy when you spot it… and if you were feeling incredibly kind, you could even send me a picture of it, and I’d be super grateful!