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If you were to start your library from scratch, which books would you buy?

This is the dilemma I’m facing!

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I, fresh from our wedding, moved from Toronto, Ontario to Alberta with only the items that would fit the trunk of our car. It was an adventure, and I had to leave my library behind. Then we lived cheap, we used public libraries, and we had a child, so I put off rebuilding my library. I read and read, but I didn’t keep those books on my own shelves.

I also wrote and wrote, and with my own books coming out, I always had books on shelves–most of them my own! And we needed somewhere to keep them… They pile up! (I know, weird author problems… 😉 )

Excuses, excuses… but I’m now finally rebuilding my very own, personal library. It was time, and it’s rather exciting! But I have decided on a few guidelines:

  1. I will only buy books that I truly want to own and will read again (or that I’ve wanted to read for a long time.)
    No complete works of Shakespeare.
  2. I will only buy books that make me feel happy.
    I don’t want to surround myself with books that depress me, remind me of difficult times, or don’t add to my overall sense of happiness. Space is too precious for that. I want books that I loved, or that I have special memories attached to, or that suit a cozy reading mood when the weather is cold and the heat is cranked up.
  3. If I have the chance to own a leather-bound, or hardcover version of a book that I love, I am jumping on that!
    Price be darned.

So far, there are no leather-bound copies of books I love. But give me time. I’ll get there. 😉

What books would you buy if you were starting your library from scratch? Which books would be the highest on your personal shopping list?

And speaking of my own books coming out, don’t forget that I have a brand new Amish romance on the shelves!