For those of you who are book reviewers, I’m pleased to let you know that THE PREACHER’S SON is now on NetGalley!

This is the first book in my INFAMOUS AMISH miniseries, and I really think you’ll love it!

When Abe Yoder, a popular Amish preacher, is arrested for fraud, the entire community is rocked, but none quite so much as his adult children. The Yoder name used to be one that was trusted, but no more. Now, Isaiah, Elizabeth and Lovina Yoder must find their way without the benefit of their family reputation, or even the family money, which has been taken to help pay back some of the victims.

But how are any of them supposed to find love and marriage with the burden of their father’s crime on their shoulders?

THE PREACHER’S SON hits the shelves February 2021!