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I absolutely love all things miniature, and recently I have taken the dive into dollhouse furniture. I’m doing my best not to go overboard, but it’s harder than you’d think to keep these things in check. 😉

I’ve added to my little dollhouse reading nook–a little cushy chair!

Isn’t it adorable? It’s just perfect for the space. I have a few other little pieces I want to buy for the nook, but I’m trying to pace myself, and when I do an Amazon order when I need to bump it up over $35 for free shipping, I know what to add on! 😉

Isn’t it the cutest little nook? I’ll keep you updated as I add little things to the scene. 🙂

What is it about tiny things that hooks me in like this? ❤

We all need something that sparks some joy, don’t we? 🙂 And I hope you’ll keep my latest releases in mind when you’re out treating yourself to something cozy to enjoy!