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Along my theme of dollhouse collectibles, I came across this gorgeous Three-Dimensional Victorian Dolls House pop-up book that I just couldn’t pass up! It’s just stunning–the detail is amazing!–and the whole book turns into an eight-roomed Victorian dollhouse.

The whole book folds back, and the purple strings tie together to hold it open.

The detail inside is just amazing! All of the doors open between rooms so that you can peek into the room beyond. And each room has all sorts of adorable little items to catch your eye.

The tiny bathroom toilet even opens!
A peek into closets…
The dining room complete with hanging chandelier
A baby grand piano!
The base of the staircase….
…which leads all the way up to the second floor!

And of course, there are a few paper dolls and little extra details to be used throughout the house, too.

Adorable, isn’t it? I just love it! So many tiny things to look at! I would have LOVED this as a girl! I also probably would have ruined it… These things happen. 😉

So this has absolutely nothing to do with my writing… but this is my stress-release. We all need one, don’t we?

I hope that my books can be a part of your happy escapes, too!