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I love a good dill pickle. I blame my Russian Mennonite heritage for that. I even make my own refrigerator pickles that are absolutely delicious. And they’re strong. I believe in lots of garlic and salt.

So I’ve been writing hard the last while, and I just sent a completed manuscript off to my agent. While I was finishing it up and taking some of those incredibly necessary brain breaks, I whipped up a nice big batch of new pickles.

They’re actually really quick! You know, before you’re overly impressed with me. 😉 I’ve posted my recipe for pickles before right here, if you’re interested in trying your own. My family will work through those at a pretty steady rate.

And now, I’m starting a new Amish manuscript–this one for Love Inspired. And can I just say… writing Amish makes me hungry! All that food, all those desserts, all that time for cooking… It brings out my appetite! 🙂

I hope you’ll pick up my newest release, A PRECIOUS CHRISTMAS GIFT, that will be hitting the shelves in a matter of weeks here! By mid-November, you should be able to find it everywhere Harlequin novels are sold!