My husband is from central Africa, and one of the foods he introduced me to was Cassava root. I’m a potato lover, and Cassava root is just close enough to potatoes to be an instant favorite for me.

You can normally find it in the grocery store. I do, and I live in Alberta, Canada–oil and ranch country. So I’m optimistic that others can find it, too.

This is what it looks like. I started peeling it before I remembered to take a picture of it. But this is what they look like. And for peeling, I just use a potato peeler!

You want the Cassava to be nice and white, like a potato. If it isn’t, it’s bad–throw it out.

The picture above is what it looks like when you peel it. The picture below is after I’ve cut it up and put it into a pot to boil in salted water. This is about three Cassava roots cut up.

You want top boil them until a fork will just go through it. It should still be a little hard. The rest of the cooking will happen in a fry pan. (This is half the batch cooking.)

You sauté on medium low heat with diced onion until the onion is soft, and then then take it out!

This is the finished product.

Salt again to taste. And it is SO GOOD! It’s kind of reminiscent of pirogies with onions.

Now, I feel like I should make a disclaimer here. If anyone African is reading this and shaking their head because I’m doing some of this wrong, please know that the mistakes are mine, and not my mother-in-law’s! 😉

So there is a new food for you to try, if you’re adventurous! It’s incredibly tasty!


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