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I love seeing the differing cover treatments for my books when they are released overseas. I recently got a box of the Mills and Boon version of Mountain Mistletoe Christmas that is being released together with M. K. Stelmack’s All They Want For Christmas. The Mills and Boon version is being published in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

I notice things like how in the Mills and Boon version, they don’t include the dog. Here in North America, a dog on a cover is a real pull right now! We love our pets, and we love seeing them in our fiction, too. But what sells here in North America is a little different from what appeals to readers in other countries, and I love seeing how the marketing teams work!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Mountain Mistletoe Christmas yet, I hope you will! It’s the second book in my Second Chance Club miniseries, and I really love these mature heroes and heroines! I think you will, too!