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The Johns family Christmas tree is the kind that is filled with memories. I don’t do color coordination or anything fancy, but every year we buy a new ornament or two that reflects the year before.

This year, I found a couple of new ornaments that I just love! The first one is for my husband–an avocado. He loves avocados, and I bring them home as a treat for him when I grocery shop, so I got a smile out of him when I came home with this one.

The Star Trek shuttle craft is one I found a couple of years ago, and I snapped it up. I’m the Trekkie of the family, still doing my best to win my husband over to Star Trek fandom. It’s been fifteen years, but I haven’t give up yet. 😉

For my son, I found a Minecraft figurine. I was informed when I brought it home that it was cute, and he did like Minecraft a lot LAST year, but this year it was Roblox. So… oops.

And peeking out behind the Minecraft pig is Spiderman from a couple of years ago. 🙂

I love having ornaments that remind us of the things we enjoyed over the years. One of these Christmases, my son will be all grown up, and Mr. Johns and I will be a little plumper and a little grayer, and these will be even more precious.


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