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As you might know by now, I absolutely adore dollhouse miniatures, and the newest addition to my little collection is a complete set of 1:12 chess. It’s so cute!

It has all the pieces, and the stand is metal, and it has a magnetized surface so that the pieces stick to it, which is a huge relief, because you don’t want to lose a piece that small! It would be next to impossible to find again, and I would probably cry.

My son and I tried a game of tweezer chess, and it IS a playable board!

It’s the perfect addition to my little book nook reading room I have set up, and I couldn’t love it more!

These are the teeny tiny things that make me ever so happy! I am endlessly entertained with miniatures, when I’m not writing books, that is. 😉

I do hope you’ll pick up a copy of my newest release that’s still on the shelves! A Precious Christmas Gift won’t be on the shelves for much longer, so pick it up now, while you can! It’s an emotional Christmas read about a mother’s love. ❤

And after this… I suppose you’ll just have to grab a copy online! 🙂