2020 took us all for a spin. Wow. And with 2021, we’re all just a little bit nervous. I’m not seeing anyone post that they think it will be amazing, or that it’s going to be the year everything comes together. We’re all a little scared to jinx it, I think!

You know, years ago when my husband and I were young, excited and getting married, we saw the world much differently. We had next to nothing between us, and it didn’t seem to matter. We lived on a hope and a prayer. When things came together, we were deeply grateful. When things didn’t, we prayed earnestly.

We’ve been married 15 years now, and we’ve been working hard. Life is coming together, and I realized that we’d lost some of that “hope and a prayer” kind of faith. There is a silver lining to those times when you need it, and 2020 was one of those years for everyone. The entire planet held its breath.

None of us had any control over this year, did we? It brought back a lot of those uncertain feelings when the entire planet shut down. And yet, we were still in God’s hands, and we still are. Whatever 2021 holds, I know that we’ll be okay. We’ll pull together and get through. We’ll take care of each other. 2020 might have been hard, but it showed us what matters most, and I’m grateful for that.

So here is to 2021!
We’ll be okay.