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I have regular (read: continual!) giveaways over on my Facebook page, and if you pop by, you can enter for free books!

The giveaway to kick off the new year is with a sister writing team, Sadie and Sophie Cuffe. I got to know them years ago, and can I tell you? They are FANTASTIC! It’s possible you have not run across them before, but they are a really terrific writing team, and you’ll thank me for the introduction–I promise!

This writing team also runs a small farm in Maine, and they take care of it all. If you follow them on Facebook, you’ll find their pictures of life out there on their little farm with their 92-year-old mama.

So if you like giveaways, come on by to enter! I’m including an ARC of my newest book, The Preacher’s Son, that will hit the shelves in February, so you can get a chance to read the first book in my Infamous Amish miniseries a little early! Plus, I’m including my VERY LAST copy of Jeb’s Wife!

The giveaway is always pinned to the top of my page, so you’ll see it right away. Give my page a like and come back often, because there’s always another giveaway posted!