I just love when my books go on sale, and I can pass the news along to all of you!

If you haven’t read JEB’S WIFE yet, now is a great time to pick up a Kindle copy for $1.99!

Jebadiah King has a reputation in their community. He’s badly scarred, incredibly big, and his last wife is dead. Whispers sweep through the homes, going from kitchen to kitchen, fence to fence. Jeb just isn’t safe.

Leah Riehl knows the rumours, but she is desperately in need of money, and Jebadiah King needs a wife. They could solve each other’s problems with a simple marriage ceremony, but Leah isn’t willing to go further than that. She’ll be his wife, but she won’t share his bed.

But somehow, Leah starts to see a gentler man under all those frightening scars… a vulnerable man who longs to be loved. Is a true marriage even possible between them?