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I am a truly terrible knitter. I knit with love, though, which I think makes up for it. 😉

I decided I wanted to try knitting as research for a book idea I was putting together. No details on the book, I’m afraid, as it isn’t sold yet, but knitting factored into the story, so I had been watching Youtube videos about how to knit. So I wanted to give it a try.

Of course, I announced this to social media, and I heard from friends and readers who all love knitting and do a beautiful job of it. I was encouraged! My friend even lent me her knitting supplies so that I could give it a try without having to hit the craft store. (She’s so nice! 🙂 )

I really did think it would be relatively easy. I had set myself the goal of knitting a scarf. How hard could it be?

Dear reader, it is hard. Wow. I had to start and tear it apart, and restart, and tear it apart a few times. At one point, I even snapped the yarn because it was far too tight. I was admittedly rather stressed out at that point.

I did manage to knit a small rectangle while sitting in bed next to Mr. Johns who was reading. Our son came in and looked it over and asked, “Is that fun? Are you going to be a knitter now?”

Me: “No, I hate this. I hate it so much.”

Him: “Why are you doing it, then?”

Me: “It’s research.”

Then, I started to get messages from readers who knit, and these women are just so kind and encouraging, telling me that I could do this, that I was learning, that it was worth all the effort… and suddenly just quitting and leaving it as a little bit of research wasn’t quite so easy anymore. So I kept going, and I started a scarf for Mr. Johns.

It isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly made with love, and I’m starting to really enjoy myself! Mr. Johns will read out loud to me while I knit on the weekend or in the evenings, and we’ll cozy up together for a couple of hours. It’s nice! He’s also assured me that when the scarf is done, he’ll wear it. He loves me. ❤

Here it is–the very best of my knitting efforts so far. I’m inordinately proud of it. 🙂

Coming to Walmart and booksellers everywhere February 2021!