The Infamous Amish…

Abe Yoder was a popular Amish preacher until he was arrested for fraud against their Amish community. These things just don’t happen in a place like Bountiful, Pennsylvania! But now, they all have to grapple with a new, uncomfortable truth. There are people who would sell out their own neighbours for money… and there is at least one preacher who can’t be trusted.

Isaiah Yoder had no idea what crime his father was involved with, but it doesn’t matter to the rest of the community. He’s not to be trusted, either… How is he supposed to build a life in a community that can’t trust him? With all the young people leaving for an English life after this shock, how can he possibly stay?

Bethany Glick is upset when her father hires Isaiah Yoder to help in their bookbinding shop. Her father insists that forgiveness must start with them, but Bethany doesn’t agree. Not only is Isaiah the one who helped convince her daet to invest in the scam, but all of this upheaval pushed Bethany’s fiance to leave the community. Now she’s single again, and her hopes for the future are dashed. All thanks to Isaiah Yoder.

But the Glick family can’t run the shop without the extra help, and Isaiah’s dark gaze and strong hands are drawing her notice more than they should.

Bethany has made mistakes before, and she’s determined not to make another one with a man like Isaiah. Attractive and focused as he is, he has no part of her future.

But mistakes and wandering hearts have a way of catching up.

And redemption isn’t far behind.

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