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Look what arrived! I got my gorgeous official copies of THE PREACHER’S SON, the first in my new Infamous Amish miniseries! These are on the shelves now in Walmart and wherever books are sold. I couldn’t be more excited about this story of redemption and forgiveness, and I hope you’ll all rush out and buy a copy. 🙂

I’ll be including these gorgeous new copies in my upcoming giveaways on Facebook. If you haven’t come to find me there, you are definitely missing out! I do constant giveaways with other authors, and we have a lot of fun! You have a chance to win my books, and other books by other beloved authors, as well as some names that might be new to you. So come by and give me a like. 🙂

From the back of the book:

In this poignant new series, Patricia Johns introduces an Amish family striving to reclaim the promise of love, marriage, and community after a shocking change in circumstance. Her sensitive storytelling and realistically flawed, yet endearing characters bring depth and heart to this tender story about faith and second chances.

The Amish residents of Bountiful, Pennsylvania, are stunned when preacher Abe Yoder is imprisoned for fraud. For Abe’s son, Isaiah, the news cuts doubly deep. His daet’s misdeeds have cost Isaiah his family’s land and their good name. To support his sisters, he takes a job in the Glick family’s book-binding shop, though it means working alongside a woman who has every reason to resent him. Yet, his attraction to Bethany Glick’s beauty and warmth is undimmed…

Isaiah’s daet’s actions helped drive Bethany’s fiancé to the Englischer world, and cost her own father his savings. Their shop is in need of Isaiah’s brawn and skill, but if she’s to start over after heartbreak, she needs a man she can trust. Not a Yoder. But Isaiah isn’t giving up so easily. And when Bethany faces a dilemma, there may be a way for each to find not just redemption, but a joyful new love…