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Over the years, I’ve gotten to know all sorts of other writers, and one of those interesting people I’m lucky to call a friend, is Newfoundland-based Canadian Lit author, Trudy Morgan-Cole. She’s a well-respected historical Canadian Lit author who also likes to dabble in other forms of writing. (She’s written a few plays, one being produced locally this fall… historical fiction, Biblical fiction, some YA, and a few others.)

Canadian Lit author, Trudy Morgan-Cole

And lucky for me, she’s also bored out of her mind right now with the pandemic, and she’s decided to write a cozy murder mystery serial with some Newfoundland regional flavour.

Can I just tell you, I’m loving this story! I have no idea how many chapters this serial has, but I’m going to be following along!

So if you’d enjoy some just-for-the-fun of it murder mystery hi-jinx, then definitely check out Not the Foggiest Clue!

And you’re welcome!