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It’s the best stove we’ve ever had. It has a blue ceramic coated oven, so it’s just so pretty! If we move house, I’m totally taking this stove with us!

So anyway, the time changed, as it does every spring, and the clocks in our phones and computers all leapt forward the way they’re supposed to. And when I wandered into my kitchen, the clock on the stove had adjusted, too!

I just love this stove! I thought to myself. What a great stove. I’m so glad we got it. No regrets there, seriously!

“Mr. Johns, did you notice that the stove clock is adjusted?” I asked him.

He gave me a funny look. “Yeah. I changed it.”

So maybe my stove is less impressive than I thought. 😉 But I do have a great husband. I should probably say how much I love him. No regrets in marrying him almost 16 years ago. Seriously.

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