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This Spring Break, my husband took some time off of work, and we did a bunch of home renovations as a family. I’d been dying to fix things up a bit, but I tended to get voted down. No one really wanted to do it. So when I marched out to Home Depot and came home with a can of paint, I figured I could paint one wall a weekend, and get it all done myself in a couple of months. Luckily, Mr. Johns thought I was painting wrong, and decided to show me how to do it, which sped the process up considerably. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We really got into it! We painted the entire apartment, including closet doors. We replaced another set of closet doors, and fixed up our kitchen a little, too. We definitely stayed busy, and the end result is just so nice and fresh! Don’t you love crawling into bed at night and smelling that faint, fresh paint smell? Heavenly!

My favourite little addition to our home is actually the cheapest. I bought some faux stained glass removable window film, and not only does it give me that little bit more privacy (because who wants to see me in my bathrobe if I forget to close the blinds?), but I love the colour, too! It just makes me feel happy, and being cooped up as we are in Canada right now with Covid regulations, that little extra bit of cheer inside is necessary.

And that is what we were up to! We’ve spruced up our home, and I’m just so pleased with it!

Here in Alberta, Canada, we are going back into a lockdown now, though, which means we’ll be spending a whole lot more time at home. I’m glad it’s a little cheerier here, because we’ll need it.

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