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My aunt is just the kindest lady. She thought of me when she was going through some old things, and she figured of anyone, I’d love some miniatures!

And she was so right!

This little set is at least forty years old, but I’m not sure where she got it, or how she came across it. I think it’s just adorable, though. I included a quarter so you can see the size.

Isn’t it adorable? ❤ I couldn’t love it more!

These are the things on my desk while I write. Writing is a very solitary experience. We writers do reach out and try to connect with people, but at the end of the day, it’s just our fingers on the keyboard, and the ideas the fill us up. I do enjoy connecting with readers and other authors on social media, so if you come find me on Facebook, I’m bound to respond. 🙂 I also have very regular giveaways going on over there! If you don’t see one pinned to the top of my page, give it a day or two… one will pop up. That’s a guarantee.


And if you like a romance about a married couple reuniting, Wife on His Doorstep is for you! It’s got all the feel-good romance you could ask for…
Coming June 2021!
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