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Have you read all of my Redemption’s Amish Legacies stories? They are published through Love Inspired books, and I’m just so proud of this miniseries! Every single one of them has hit the Publisher’s Weekly bestsellers list, which is such a dream come true for an author. I’m so glad they are resonating with my readers–there is no better feeling! And I’m eternally grateful for all of you!

Well, the fourth book is my next release, hitting the shelves wherever books are sold this October!

And I haven’t shown you the cover yet, have I?

Without further ado, here it is: Snowbound With the Amish Bachelor.

Will she go home

when the snow stops falling?

For social worker Grace Schweitzer, arriving at Ben Hochstetler’s farm to pick up an abandoned baby feels like stepping into her past—especially after a blizzard forces her to stay. Helping on the farm reminds Grace of her Amish upbringing…and the reason she left. She’s losing her heart to Ben and the faith she once held dear, but has she changed too much to return to this life?

Hitting the shelves October 2021!


My first raspberry was ready for picking from my little balcony garden. I don’t have a lot of space for gardening, but I do look forward to having a few plants on my balcony each year, and I make a point of making a few things edible. I’m convinced it’s good for our son to know where food comes from in a more than theoretical sense, and it’s remarkably therapeutic to water my plants on a cool summer morning and harvest a single berry at a time.

That raspberry was delicious!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Happy reading!