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My Second Chance Club miniseries is very close to my heart. I love these stories! They’re about a group of divorced friends who have a dinner club that meets regularly at the Mountain Springs Lodge in Colorado. Set in the Rocky Mountains, perched on the edge of a glacier fed lake, these stories tell about a special group of women as they support each other, encourage each other, and provide the bedrock for getting back on their feet once more.

There is Melanie, who divorced her cheating ex after fifteen years of marriage and after raising his kids from his first marriage for him, thinking that she was sacrificing for a marriage that would last. The problem is, even though her ex is firmly in the past, her heart is still with the kids.

There’s Jen, who came back to her home town with her preteen son in order to open an art gallery, but things aren’t coming together quite the way she hoped. Her son doesn’t want to start fresh in this tiny, mountain town, and he misses his father who is already moving on with a much younger woman.

There is Taryn, delightedly pregnant at thirty-nine with a baby she never expected. She tried for years to become a mother, and only after her divorce, and after a one night stand she hoped to put into the past, does she get her deepest wish. The part that wasn’t part her of her plan? Coming face-to-face with the father of this baby that she’d hoped to never see again.

And there is Angelina, who divorced the Uber-wealthy love of her life after one year of marriage, and since then has grown herself and her career into something truly phenomenal on her own.

The other women in the group include Renata whose husband tried to move his mistress into the house, Belle who used to be a model but it the first one to find the beauty in her friends, and Gayle whose husband came out of the closet after thirty-five years of marriage leaving her wondering what she’d been missing out on all those years that she just assumed were normal.

These women have been through enough, and they aren’t willing to settle for less than real, true, deep love this time around.

These books are probably the best writing I’ve ever done! They have a touch of women’s fiction, a lot of romance, and mature issues and problems that real women face. But can I tell you how hard these books are for me to market? They are probably my best kept secret–and not on purpose, either!

The fourth and final book hits the shelves this December, and I just love this story SO much! Finally, the owner of the Mountain Springs Resort, Angelina Cunningham, gets her Happily Ever After, and I can tell you, when I wrote the end of this one, wrapping up the miniseries, I had tears in my eyes.

I’m going to miss these women!

So without further ado, I want to share my newest cover with you.

Coming December 2021

I hope you’ll pick this one up when it comes out, and the previous three books in the miniseries, too! If you love mature heroines, deep, emotional romance, and the complicated lives of characters you’ll never forget, this miniseries is for you!


Last week, we went to the Bountiful Farmer’s Market, which is local, and we had a great time! But I’d gone there specifically for one store–Page Turners Bookshop. The owner there makes flowers out of old classic books that were falling apart, and I wanted to get some for my desk. Because really, how appropriate is that? 🙂 And I just love them! These are the things that make me happy.

If you’d like to order some of your own, they’re very reasonably priced, and she operates an Etsy shop as well!

I hope you are all enjoying this last bit of summer!

Happy reading!