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I have exciting news! Loving Lovina, the third and final book in my Infamous Amish miniseries is available for pre-order!

I do hope you’ll order your copy now! 🙂

If you haven’t read the other two books in the miniseries, I think you’ll love them! The Infamous Amish miniseries is about the Yoder family, whose patriarch–a once respected Amish preacher–is found guilty of fraud and put into prison. The Yoder children, now adults, have to navigate their Amish world, their family reputation in tatters. The Amish believe in forgiving, but they don’t forget.

I do hope you’ll pick these up! I’ve been getting some wonderful reviews for these books, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing them. 🙂



I just love working on my dollhouse rooms. There is something about miniatures that is very satisfying to my soul.

As I said last week, I was looking for some new tiny wonders for my dollhouse dining room table. And I found some lovely little additions that just make the room feel so much more lived in. (I picked up the cheese board and the wine bottle with glasses.)

While I was shopping for the dining room items, I spotted an adorable little knitting basket, but while I pondered spending $7 on a tiny knitting basket, it occurred to me that I could easily make most of it myself!

All it really took was making some tiny balls of yarn, and I was going to stop at just stabbing some toothpicks (cut in half) into a tiny ball of yarn to be the knitting needles. Then I thought… what if I tried to actually knit onto the toothpicks?

Dear reader, it worked!

I’m inordinately proud of my tiny knitting! It wasn’t even that difficult!

And here it is in the room with the balls of yarn.

So there you have it–the hobby that fills my time when I’m not writing books. 🙂 It’s so much fun! I love nothing more than adding details to rooms.

Don’t forget that Snowbound with the Amish Bachelor is on the shelves now!

And I hope you are all enjoying your fall as much as I am.

Happy reading!