On a more personal note…


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…my son just turned 13. I am the mother of a teenager! This is a big milestone for him, but for us as parents, too. We are now the parents of a teenager.

Granted, he’s seemed very teenager-ish for the last few months already. His voice is deep, he’s taller than me, and he wears the same clothing size as his father now, even if he isn’t quite as tall as his dad.

But my goodness–I’m the mother of a teenager!

Because of Covid, we couldn’t have a little family party like we normally do, but my mom and dad did drop off a homemade birthday cake. And it was delicious! Of course, there were presents, and we made a big deal about his special day.

It’s funny–when these milestones come along, the parents have a fair amount of adjusting to do, too. Where we live, a kid can get his learner’s licence at 14 and he can get a job, too, so we’ve got exactly one year until this kid is on the road and hopefully has a part time job, to boot.

And then there’s all the other teenaged stuff he’ll be doing as he gets older–girlfriends, high school. Can’t I slow this down?

You know what else I did this last week? I painted over this doodle he did when he was a toddler.

He was about three, and he was in this drawing on the wall phase that drove me nuts. Anyway, I asked him what he’d drawn and if I remember correctly, this is supposed to be a dog, even though it looks like a perfect duck. I couldn’t bring myself to scrub it off the wall, and so I’d kept it, until last weekend, that is. I finally let Mr. Johns paint over it.

It feels like yesterday he was a little guy who used to crawl into my lap for a cuddle, and now, he’s this great big kid who teases me by refusing to bend down so I can hug him.

So there you have it–I’m going through this whole identity crisis over here, realizing that my one and only child is growing up. But mostly, I’m so proud of him. He’s a really good kid with a big heart and a stubborn streak that might drive me up the wall, but will serve him well in adulthood.

He’s perfectly wonderful.


And while we’re here, don’t forget about my newest release! It’s on the shelves now!

Look what arrived!


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I love getting boxes of books! ๐Ÿ™‚ Rocky Mountain Baby comes out in June this year, and I’ve just gotten my hands on the printed copies!

This is the third book in my Second Chance Club miniseries about a dinner club of divorced women who get together for friendship and moral support. They help each other through all the difficult patches in life… and help each other see the possibilities of new love. Because life isn’t over at 40!

If you like mountain settings, a gorgeous resort, family drama, fine wine and old friends, then these books are for you!

Rocky Mountain Baby is about a marketing specialist who thought she was infertile during her failed marriage, who finds herself unexpected (and joyfully!) pregnant now that she’s single. This baby isn’t an accident or and “oops.” He’s her miracle! But the father wasn’t meant to be anything but a comfort for one evening. When she comes to the Mountain Springs Resort to do an ad campaign for the owner, she stumbles across the man who fathered her baby… At seven months pregnant, she didn’t think she’d have to deal with this!

I do hope you’ll pick up a copy! I just love this miniseries with mature heroes and heroines finding love again.

Their Mountain Reunion:



Mountain Mistletoe Christmas



Rocky Mountain Baby



A new giveaway!


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I have a brand new giveaway on my Facebook page, and this one is a little bit different! Not only are we including a little surprise piece of knitting made by each of us, but instead of asking for Facebook follows, we’re asking those who enter the giveaway to follow us on Amazon. This giveaway with with the lovely Vannetta Chapman. She’s a big favorite Amish author who I’m sure needs no introduction for Amish fans, and you have a chance to win her newest upcoming release!

Do you follow any of your favorite authors on Amazon? I didn’t even know about it until recently, but it’s so handy! You get an email when they have new releases, and you’re kept up to date in a very unobtrusive way. I’m a new fan of the system. ๐Ÿ™‚

So drop by Facebook and let me know that you’ve followed me and Vannetta Chapman on Amazon, and you’re entered to win! Easy as that!

Patricia Johns on Amazon

Vannetta Chapman on Amazon

Our Welcome Wreath


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On the front door of our apartment, I have a grape vine wreath that I like to redecorate for every season. It’s much easier than buying fully made wreaths that use up a lot of storage space when not on your door, and it’s fun to go shopping for my newest wreath foliage.

It was time to change the wreath up for spring! I thought the tulips were pretty.

And this is the finished product!

It’s not perfect, but this is what will greet the UPS and Amazon delivery people. And Mr. Johns when he gets home from work… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is anyone else sprucing things up for spring? It really does boost my spirits to get some color around here again!


Don’t forget about my newest release, on the shelves now!

I love our stove…


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It’s the best stove we’ve ever had. It has a blue ceramic coated oven, so it’s just so pretty! If we move house, I’m totally taking this stove with us!

So anyway, the time changed, as it does every spring, and the clocks in our phones and computers all leapt forward the way they’re supposed to. And when I wandered into my kitchen, the clock on the stove had adjusted, too!

I just love this stove! I thought to myself. What a great stove. I’m so glad we got it. No regrets there, seriously!

“Mr. Johns, did you notice that the stove clock is adjusted?” I asked him.

He gave me a funny look. “Yeah. I changed it.”

So maybe my stove is less impressive than I thought. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I do have a great husband. I should probably say how much I love him. No regrets in marrying him almost 16 years ago. Seriously.

Don’t forget about my newest release, on the shelves now!

Hitting the shelves in April!

This little duo Western Collection will be hitting the shelves next month! It’s a reprint for both me and Stephanie Dees, but I’m thrilled to have this book back on the shelves again after nearly three years. Her Cowboy’s Twin Blessings came out June 2018, and Stephanie Dees’s The Cowboy’s Twin Surprise came out in 2019. So if you haven’t read either of these books, it’s a great time to pick them up in a beautiful new package.

And isn’t that cover just the cutest? It’s so hard to resist a cowboy with babies!

So keep an eye out for this one on the shelves!

And while you’re book shopping, don’t forget about The Preacher’s Son, which is on the shelves now in Walmart and wherever books are sold! It’s getting five star reviews, and my readers are letting me know how much they love the start of this brand new miniseries!

I do hope you’ll pick up a copy!

Gotta love a giveaway!


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I’m starting a brand new giveaway today on Facebook. This one is with the fabulous Barbara Cameron who is a bestselling Amish author with over 40 books out. This is a quick peek at the giveaway that will be posting in a few hours. You can enter to win all three books.

This giveaway will end March 17, when I’ll announce a winner. All you have to do is go over to my FB page and enter there! The giveaway post is always pinned to the top of the page, so check back often and enter to win.

Don’t forget that the first book in my THE INFAMOUS AMISH miniseries, THE PREACHER’S SON, is on the shelves now! If you haven’t picked it up yet, now is a great time to do it! I’m seeing a lot of 5 star reviews from readers who just loved it. THE PREACHER’S DAUGHTER will be hitting the shelves in June of this year, and you can preorder it now to make sure you get it as soon as it releases.

You can also find Barbara Cameron’s book, The Amish Midwife’s Hope, on the shelves now!

So much Amish romance!


A wonderful melty mess


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Spring is here! I think… Spring can shifty. You can think you have spring, get a blizzard, and then think you have spring again, only to get a big deep freeze. These things happen, so I’m afraid to actually call it “spring.” But look at this wonderful, melty mess!

Since we are officially in March now, at least we know we’ll see more of this and less of winter now! And it has me SO READY for some warmer weather.

Last fall, I swore I’d never use these planters again. They’re such a mess to clean up, especially when you’re working from a balcony, but I just might use them again… we’ll see!

At the very least, they have me thinking about what plants I’ll have on my balcony this year. I haven’t fully decided yet whether I will go for fruits and veggies like last year, or just do flowers. Or a mix of both! But I’m ready for some greenery. It does my heart good.

Are you all as ready for spring as I am? Is anyone starting their gardening yet in warmer areas?


Don’t forget about my newest release, THE PREACHER’S SON, that’s on the shelves now! This is a brand new miniseries, and I’m seeing such positive reviews! You can read a sample of the book on Kensington Books website, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

My local library’s podcast!

I was so honoured to be asked by my good friend and librarian, Simone Cox, to be a guest on our local library’s podcast. It was so fun to be there and to chat with her. She and I have been good friends for years. It all started with a mutual love of Star Trek, and we’ve stayed connected ever since.

If you’d like to take a listen, this is where you’ll find it. My interview starts at about 41:25.

And don’t forget about my latest release that is on the shelves now! THE PREACHER’S SON is available at Walmart, and wherever books are sold.


If you like a murder mystery…


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Over the years, I’ve gotten to know all sorts of other writers, and one of those interesting people I’m lucky to call a friend, is Newfoundland-based Canadian Lit author, Trudy Morgan-Cole. She’s a well-respected historical Canadian Lit author who also likes to dabble in other forms of writing. (She’s written a few plays, one being produced locally this fall… historical fiction, Biblical fiction, some YA, and a few others.)

Canadian Lit author, Trudy Morgan-Cole

And lucky for me, she’s also bored out of her mind right now with the pandemic, and she’s decided to write a cozy murder mystery serial with some Newfoundland regional flavour.

Can I just tell you, I’m loving this story! I have no idea how many chapters this serial has, but I’m going to be following along!

So if you’d enjoy some just-for-the-fun of it murder mystery hi-jinx, then definitely check out Not the Foggiest Clue!

And you’re welcome!