My writing space

Would you like to see where I write? This is my desk… and where I keep my dollhouse rooms. I don’t actually have a dollhouse. We are condo dwellers, and Mr. Johns can’t be convinced to sacrifice the space for it yet, but this is a little introductory video of how it all comes together.

Writing books, and playing with miniatures… two of my favorite things in one place!

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Happy reading and happy holidays!

8 responses to “My writing space”

  1. I absolutely love your “dollhouse” and especially the knitting!

    1. Oh, thank you! I really enjoy it! 🙂

  2. Your ‘dollhouse’ shelves are adorable.

  3. Love your ‘dollhouse’ shelves. Now I want some. What scale are your miniatures? Seems perfect for your use. My mother collected miniature, had them in a box in a drawer. I used to pour them out on the floor and play for hours. They disappeared after her death, just one of many things I’m sad about not having. Might be time to build my own set. Cheers, Jax

    1. It’s 1:12 scale. And that’s neat that your mom had a similar hobby! It’s so much fun–so much detail to pore over.

  4. Patricia love your doll house shelfs, I thought you had a dollhouse, maybe one day your husband will get you one, sorry you dont have a house

    1. One day! 🙂 I was just talking to a friend about this. I was telling her that one day I’ll get one, and it’ll be one of those things I always wanted. Until then, I’m really enjoying the little rooms!

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