A cheap date

Every Valentine’s Day, Mr. Johns writes me a love letter. Now, this isn’t because he spontaneously thought of it, or anything like that. I ask for it. I’m a very cheap date. I don’t want flowers or chocolates, I want his words on paper. That’s it.

So every Valentine’s Day, he goes into my stash of blank cards and writes me out a love letter inside one of them, and I couldn’t be happier!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, a few years back, I even wrote a Valentine’s Day romance! It’s called The Cowboy’s Valentine Bride, and it features a wounded soldier and his nurse. Have you read any of my Hope, Montana books? The first book in the miniseries, Safe in the Lawman’s Arms, is hitting the shelves again February 22.

I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Make it a good one. Ask for what you want. Do something special for yourself! Trust me–you’re worth it!

PS. Maybe you’ll even want to pick up a new book for yourself! Have I written any you’ve been hankering to read? 😉

Your comments make me feel warm and fuzzy. Seriously!

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