Cake makes it official

I did the math, and it’s official: A Deputy in Amish Country is my 40th book!

That snuck up on me, and I decided that I needed to celebrate it… with cake. Cake just makes things feel official, doesn’t it?

Confession? I made my own cake. It was from a box, but I added cherries on top and whipped topping, just to make it fancy. And then had my family come eat it with me. Cake is better shared, don’t you think?

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Happy reading!

2 responses to “Cake makes it official”

  1. Congrats! And thought you’d like to know that Jeb’s Wife was featured over at The Mimosa Blossom, a book review blog:

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! That’s really neat that she featured my book. I’m so glad she enjoyed it! 🙂

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