Twice fried plantains

Every once in a while, I stumble across a really great recipe! And true to form–this one is simple.

Mr. Johns bought some green plantains, and I needed to cook them. I just didn’t know how! So I searched up some recipes and gave this one a try.

These are twice fried green plantains, and they are delicious!

They’re pretty easy. Peel your green plantains, cut them in about an inch thick slices, and then deep fry in medium-hot oil. When they are just golden, pull them out and put them a cutting board.

Using a cup, smash them so they are flattened, then you will turn the heat up on the oil, and dip the smashed plantain pieces in a mix of:

Lime juice



Minced garlic

Let each piece be about ten seconds in the lime-salt-water-garlic mixture, then let them drip off and put them into the hot oil. Fry them until crispy, pull them out of the oil and salt them.

SO GOOD! These come well-recommended by my family.

Let me know if you try them!

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Happy reading!

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