Homemade BBQ sauce

There is nothing I love more than cooking meat with barbecue sauce. It’s so tasty! And because I have allergies, I had to figure out how to make the barbecue sauce myself, and is it ever good. I get a lot of compliments on it. In fact, my dad asks me to make him chicken wings for this sauce alone.

So there you have it–proof that it’s amazing! 😉

It’s not difficult, but it does take some time.


1 can of crushed tomatoes
2 bulbs of garlic, peeled
1 1/2 cups of lemon juice
1 1/2 cups oil
2 heaping tbsp salt
hot peppers to taste
3-4 cups of brown sugar

Blend together the lemon juice, garlic and hot peppers. Put it into a large pot. Add all the other ingredients and bring all the ingredients to a boil on medium heat. Once it is boiling, but the heat down to low and continue to slowly boil the sauce, stirring occasionally, for about an hour and a half to two hours. You want to boil off excess liquid and make the consistency thicker. The cooking time also caramelizes the brown sugar. The longer you cook it, the better it tastes!


  1. Don’t reduce the amount of oil. With less oil, all you have is weirdly sweet spaghetti sauce.
  2. The sauce should be brownish from the brown sugar. I tend to measure with my heart, so if you need to add more brown sugar, do!

If you give this a try, let me know. And if you find ways to make it tastier still, I’d love to hear it.

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Happy reading!

3 responses to “Homemade BBQ sauce”

  1. Going to try this and like to see more recipes. Thank you!!!

  2. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    It seems like a lot of lemon juice, but I plan to try it.

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