Love in the Johns home

Love in the Johns home looks a lot like food. Of course, we value spending time together, and we text each other cute messages during the day, and that sort of thing, but the real, rubber to the road expression of love? That’s food.

When Mr. Johns gets home for work, he’s hungry. Really hungry. And coming upstairs, he starts to sniff to see if he can smell what’s cooking. A meal on the table waiting for him while he peels off his steel toed boots and gets out of his coveralls is what he looks forward to, and I love being the source of his comforts.

This was a snack I’d made him because I knew he’d be hungry. I texted him this picture. Yes, I lure my man home with sexy photos of food. 😉

If you love love the way I love love, maybe you’ll also enjoy my books! Have you looked through my list of books recently?

Happy reading!

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