When I’m not writing…

This spring and summer, we’ve been fixing up our home a little bit. We tend to put off home renovations until they’re absolutely necessary, and one of the chores that just couldn’t wait any longer was painting trim.

So one day last week, I put aside my writing, bought the supplies, and painted all of our faux wood trim the same “Icy Pine” white that is the rest of our walls. I roped my mom into helping me with it for part of the day, and then finished it up myself.

When you spend 24 hours a day in the same home, things like a coat of paint can make everything feel a little bit brighter.

But that’s enough of that. I’m a better writer than I am a painter, and I’m back to my computer again, churning out stories. I hope you’ll check out my Books tab on this website. Maybe you’ll find your next read!

Happy reading!

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