She runs things… we know it.

My parents have the most adorable little terrier mix named Molly. She’s full of energy, absolutely adorable, and runs my parents like a queen with her subjects. She whines when she wants something, and normally gets it. It’s very hard to refuse that scraggly little face. They’re all very happy with this arrangement.

Since my parents live right down the road, I see a lot of Molly. She comes to visit, and has her own little dish here. Our parrot is in love with her (like Donkey and the dragon in Shrek.) Well… we’re all in love with Molly. She’s just so cute!

This is Molly in her little raincoat. It had been pouring all week, and she was downright annoyed with the fact that A. she got wet when she went out to do her business, and B. she had to wear a raincoat to stay somewhat dry.

Thought you might like a peek at Molly the terrier. ❤

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Happy reading!

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