Find that woman some shade!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Elk Island park in Alberta, Canada, and we did some canoeing. Well… Mr. Johns, our teenager, and some extended family did some boating. The numbers for boats were off, (and I’d forgotten my sunscreen) so I opted to stay on shore and read a book while I waited for them and took pictures. (I’m a person who tends to burn to a crisp. Mr. Johns saw me burn badly once, and ever after, whenever we take walks, he positions me in any shade possible, and worries about too much direct sunlight.)

It was a beautiful day! The video above shows a glimpse of Mr. Johns and our son paddling around. (That’s as much as I can get away with, without getting him to agree to being in my blog post. Mr. Johns is a private guy.)

I sat under an umbrella, reading a mystery and taking videos of my guys when they got close enough to shore. This video below shows you my view–which was really pretty!

I hope you are all finding ways to relax a little bit. Maybe one of my books will factor into a local beach day for you! Check out my Books tab on this website. Maybe you’ll find your next read!

Happy reading!

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