When romance authors play Clue…

I find myself hilarious. It’s a good thing I do, because I entertain myself to no end, even if no one else laughs.

But I thought maybe YOU would appreciate my humour!

In the board game of Clue, you have to “suggest” a murderer, a weapon and a room, and see if you’re right. So you’d say, “I suggest it’s Miss Scarlet, in the kitchen with the wrench.” And then you see who can prove you wrong.

This was my guess… I laughed and laughed.

Colonel Mustard in the study with Miss Peacock…

I was wrong, of course, but a little romance in the game never killed anyone! See? See? I didn’t it again! 😉

If you enjoy murder mysteries AND a bit of romance, my very first Amish cozy mystery will release in 2023. I’ll give you more details as I get them.

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Happy reading!

2 responses to “When romance authors play Clue…”

  1. I laughed!

    1. LOL! I’m in good company, then! 😀

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