I’ve put my party trick to good use!

As you know, I love doing some tiny knitting onto toothpicks. It’s my party trick. 🙂 It started as me making some miniature knitting for a dollhouse room, and then turned into some cute giveaway items for my readers. I just thought they were neat, and I wanted to share the tiny knitted love.

Recently, I ordered some cards to put the tiny knitting pieces onto, and I’m just so thrilled with the result!

So now, when I put together packages for my giveaway winners from my newsletter subscribers, I can include these!

They are knitted with love by Yours Truly… and they really are knitted onto toothpicks!

Happy reading!

2 responses to “I’ve put my party trick to good use!”

  1. You are the most clever knit-whit that I know, Patricia! 😀👏🤗💕

    1. LOL! I love it! 🙂 Thanks, Cheryl!

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