I hope it’s haunted. I really do.

My grandfather was a woodcarver. Originally, he was a miner, but he suffered some injuries on the job (things weren’t exactly SAFE back then in mines), and in order to bring in a little extra income for his family with nine children, he turned to art.

He lived in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada, and his carvings can be found all over the place! He sold them at flea markets, and craft fairs… little carved bears, beavers, and large wooden ships in frames. He had birds in flight, dinosaurs, deer… pretty much anything you can think of, he learned to carve.

Including this, but according my aunt, this is only piece of dollhouse furniture he ever made. He wasn’t thrilled with how it came out.

My aunt gave it to me when she was going through some of her boxes, and I was really happy to get it!

My mother had one of my grandfather’s framed big ships, but one day their storage locker (where she’d kept it because it was very large) was broken into, and the only thing taken was that ship. Weird. And heartbreaking, because my grandfather has been gone for 36 years now. Honestly, I think about it every so often, because it’s such a strange burglary. But they must have been interrupted and just ran with the first thing they grabbed.

Honestly? I hope it’s haunted. They deserve that.

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Happy reading!

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