Apparently, I’m not Mary Poppins

I’m a firm believer in a spoonful of sugar. When my son was a premature newborn, the nurses used to put sucrose on a soother to distract him from needles. I remembered that, and when he got older and he scraped his knee, I’d give him some sugar on a spoon to make it better.

He’s a teenager now, and it still works. When he’s frustrated with math homework and I’m helping him figure out a problem, I’ll point him to the sugar bowl.

Me: Go get a teaspoon of sugar.

Son: Mom, you aren’t Mary Poppins!

Me: I know. But sugar will jostle your brain loose and give you a little boost. I promise–it’ll make more sense after the sugar.

So he goes, grumbling for effect, and rams a spoonful of sugar into his mouth, then comes back. And what do you know–the little walk to the sugar bowl and the shot of sucrose to the brain, and that math problem gets solved after all.

Not Mary Poppins, my sweet patootie!

I use it on myself, too. Except I take that spoonful of sugar and drop it into a cup of tea. If you add hazelnut almond creamer to that, too, it’ll solve almost any problem. Guaranteed. 🙂

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Happy reading!

3 responses to “Apparently, I’m not Mary Poppins”

  1. Oh my, Patricia! I love this! In the most delightful way!!! 🤗💕

  2. Steven A. Campbell Avatar
    Steven A. Campbell

    It keeps bouncing me from signing up for your newsletter.  Please help.  Thank you.  Susan Hope you’re having a great day. Steve and Sue Campbell

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