I’m getting there!

I have found making gluten-free pie crusts very difficult. Gluten holds pie crusts together, if you didn’t know, and without gluten, they fall apart. It didn’t matter what recipe I used, they wouldn’t work for me. So I was buying GF pie crusts to make pie. With prices soaring, I just can’t justify spending that much on pie crust! But luckily, a friend mentioned pastry cloths on Facebook!

This is a pastry cloth, complete with a rolling pin cover. You rub flour into both, and then roll out your pie crust on the cloth. With a bit of practice, you can then flip the crust from the cloth into the pie plate.

Now, I’m not 100% satisfied with my pie crust recipe. It’s very, very delicate. I’d say it turned out the consistency of a melt-in-your-mouth butter cookie, which sounds very tasty, but it’s not quite the consistency I’m wanting. I’m going to tinker with it. So don’t ask for my recipe yet–it’s not ready! 🙂

And there it is! An imperfect but entirely edible pie. But I do now have a way to make pie much more economically, which means I CAN tinker! 🙂 I’ll figure out a good crust recipe yet!

These are things I do while working on my newest book. If you’d like to keep up with my newest releases and be entered to a monthly contest to win books and knitted surprises, sign up for my newsletter!

I wish you piles of books, and quality time to read them!

Happy reading!


4 responses to “I’m getting there!”

  1. Oh Patricia! you make me want to call you TINKER BELL😃
    It is nice to tinker around with it to bring it to the consistency that you want & make it your own 😊 Just flutter your wings & wave your magic wand and, ta daaaaaa 😃

    1. LOL! That just made my day! (and made me want to try that crust again once more this weekend!)

      1. Haha, so glad I can make your day, Patricia! It’s usually you making mine! 🤗💕 Keep us posted Tinker Bell 😃

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