He’s seen things…

Our nativity set arrived in our home when our son was about three. It is a well loved set, and it has survived year upon year of our family’s Christmases.

That first Christmas, our son latched onto Baby Jesus and dragged him all over the house. The second Christmas, Baby Jesus lost a leg. I glued it on. It came off again. I reglued it a few times. Then he lost the second leg–I believe another year–and I couldn’t find it to glue it on. His little swaddling cloth lasted longer, but one year when we took out the nativity set, we noticed it was missing. Another year, Baby Jesus got coloured with red marker.

I just kept rescuing him.

Our now teenaged son has suggested we replace our poor, traumatized Baby Jesus, but I refuse to. He’s seen things, but he’s ours. And he’s too full of our family’s memories for him to be replaceable.

Do you have any Christmas decorations like this–the ones that have survived a whole lot? Somehow they become the most precious, because while on social media we might show the world our families at their best, real life is a lot messier. Those chipped, scratched, precious ornaments are a testament to that.

Someone suggested I reswaddle him, and I did with a paper napkin. He’ll make it another decade or so. I’ll make sure of it!

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season! And just as a reminder, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, the next instalment will hit inboxes January 4.

Happy reading!

4 responses to “He’s seen things…”

  1. I absolutely love your story and I agree..keep it forever. When raising my 3 sons, I had a nativity set that I put in my dining room. One day I noticed that the lamb was on the roof of the nativity and I put it back inside the stable. The next day the lamb was back on the roof. This continued until I asked the boys who was moving it. No one ever confessed but we continued this fun swapping for several yrs. A couple years ago, I gave the nativity to one of my sons. Treasured memories are forever.

    1. Kids love nativity sets! 🙂 They are just full of memories. Your sounds like so much fun, too!

  2. Awe, I love this, Patricia! 🤗💕Such wonderful memories, although maybe not so much at the time 😋

    1. You never know the memories that’ll be sweet in the end, do you? 🙂

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