A stew of fictional drama

While going through my old day planner from 2022, I found a little sticky note where I’d written a quote from Jamie Lee Curtis that I liked a lot.

I try not to be in my head too much. It’s not a good neighbourhood to be in by myself.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Now, as an author, I’m in my own head a LOT! But Jamie Lee Curtis has some good advice. It’s good to get out of my own head on a regular basis and remind myself that real, live people do exist, that the sun rises and sets even if I don’t write it, and that the outside world is not half so dramatic as my internal world. 😉

My dollhouse rooms are a little peaceful respite from the fictional drama constantly stewing in my own head. They make me happy. So does some fresh air and exercise. And in 2023, I’m going to make sure I take that time outside of my own head more regularly.

I hope you find your own peaceful oasis away from the stresses of life. I’ve been told the rest of the world needs a respite from real life, and if that’s the case for you, I have a big backlist of books that will provide just that!

Happy New Year, everyone!

And as always, happy reading!

2 responses to “A stew of fictional drama”

  1. Happy new year..

    1. Happy New Year, to you, too! 🙂

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