Tea and Toast

I’m easy to please. If you offer me a huge breakfast spread or tea and toast, I’m happiest with tea and toast. It’s my favorite way to wake up!

But I’m like this with most things. We aren’t big travellers, and given the choice between travelling and staying home together, my husband and I tend to choose staying home. (Although we do pry ourselves out once in a while!)

And for Valentine’s Day (or our anniversary), it’s taken me many years, but I’ve finally proven to Mr. Johns that the thing that makes me happiest is not a dozen roses, or some practical item for the kitchen, it’s a love letter. It doesn’t have to be on pretty paper, or even in a card! It doesn’t have to be flowery or poetic. Just his natural words on paper.

And I’m thrilled!

Tea and toast… his words on paper… these are things that feed my soul. ❤

I hope you enjoy the little things today. And if my books can be part of it, I’m happier still!

Happy reading!

5 responses to “Tea and Toast”

  1. Awwe, this is what I would love too, Patricia 🤗💕

  2. Hi Patricia
    That teacup is precious. Plus the buttered toast looks yummy. Now I feel like joining you with a cup of tea and a slice of buttered toast. Today is Friday…and I hope you have a glorious weekend with your hubby and your son. Bye for now!!!🙋‍♀️

    1. Thanks, Diane! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

  3. So sweet! We’re not travelers either…just buy me craft supplies and I’m the happiest girl!

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