Dollhouse pets!

I love my little dollhouse rooms, and the pets wander around the room, generally getting into trouble. The cats are always wandering over tabletops or across the dresser.

Sometimes, a cat will end up on the chess board (which is a playable, tiny board, by the way!) And I like to think of the bird as big and smart enough to hold his own with a cat staring him down.

The dog is better behaved, but only because he’s too big to fit into most spaces… give me time, I’m going to start a new dollhouse room eventually that will let him get into more trouble! 😉

These are the things that entertain me when I’m not hammering away on my newest novel. I love setting a scene, adding in detail, and having a little room that looks like a story. Can you tell I’m a storyteller at heart?

If you’re looking for a new book to read, have you looked through my backlist recently? You might find the perfect read to cozy up with! All of my books are sweet, family-centred, and guaranteed to give you warm fuzzies by the end.

Happy reading!

Your comments make me feel warm and fuzzy. Seriously!

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