More functional than you’d think!

My son and I enjoy playing chess together. He normally beats me at it, but I keep it entertaining by giving all the pieces personalities and back stories. He might win, but he’s going to be haunted by the pawns he took. 😉

This chess game in my dollhouse office is actually playable! And while it’s hard to move pieces without tweezers or a pen or something to move them around, it’s doable. So we recently played a game on this teeny tiny board.

He won… or he was well enough on his way to winning before we accidentally wiped the board, that I’m giving him credit for beating me. But it’s fun!

These are the things that entertain me while I’m supposed to be writing. 🙂 If you’d like to keep up with my book news and glimpses into my home life, sign up for my monthly newsletter! My subscribers are entered to win packages from me, too.

Happy reading!

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