Almost there

I have a friend who lives out in the country (I live solidly in the middle of a smallish town), and a few times a year I’ll drive out to her place for lunch. She’s a couple of hours away, and when our husbands are working and the kids have a day off of school, I’ll drive out there and we have a great time together.

A few months ago I drove out to visit her, and she sent me a pin so I could find her on a map on my phone. The pin had worked in the past, and for some odd reason it suddenly jumped to a completely different location. I followed the directions to the pin and realized I was in the middle of nowhere, and this was not my friend’s place. I called her, got a new pin, and finally got to her place.

I should mention that I have a terrible sense of direction! Spin me in a circle, and I’m officially lost. So this time, I followed the pin, and I wasn’t entirely confident that I was even in the right place until I saw this view.

This is the view just before we get to her place. Not only is it a gorgeous view of countryside with the mountains beyond, but it tells me that I have indeed come in the right direction!

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Happy reading!

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