For that extra pie crust….

You hate to waste it, don’t you? You roll out a pie crust and have that bit of pie crust dough left over that ends up being tossed out.

Well, this is the secret to using it up!

Pets de Soeurs!

There are lots of names for these little tasty bites you make out of extra pie crust, but the French Canadian term is “Pets de Soeurs.” Loosely translated, “Nun’s farts.” LOL! I know, it’s crude, bit it is what it is.

There are several ways to make these.

Some people roll out the dough and add sugar and cinnamon, and then make tiny cinnamon rolls out of them. Very cute, and very tasty, but I find that gluten-free crust doesn’t roll up like that very well without falling apart on me. Also, by the time I’ve made a pie, I’m kind of finished with baking and get lazy at this stage of the game.

So I do something different. I roll out the dough and use a cookie cutter to make shapes. (Honestly, you could just cut it into squares if you wanted to!) I brush them with egg wash, and add sugar (and sometimes cinnamon, too) on top. They are tasty little bites that are finished baking at about 10-15 minutes. If your fruit pie is still baking, you munch on these while you wait! If you’re making lemon meringue, they are done at the same time as the pie.

So there you have it. Never waste pie crust dough again!

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