Huge efforts were made!

Have you ever watched videos of a skilled embroiderer? Just one stitch at time… you see this thread pulled through the cloth and making one perfect stitch. It’s the most cathartic thing on the planet!

So, I decided I wanted to try my hand at embroidery! Turns out, it’s a lot harder than it it looks, and getting that one perfect stitch takes a considerable amount of skill.

But, I have been improving!

This is my very first effort. I wanted to make a pile of books. This was my first attempt.

It’s rough. I know.

I then took some advice from some of my lovely readers who are far better as these things than I am, and I tried again.

This is my second attempt at a pile of books.

As you can see, I improved, but messed things up in different ways… But I could see the mistakes I’d made and how to make it better.

This was my third attempt, and this one I’m really happy with!

Persistence is the key, right? That and she advice from ladies who know what they’re doing. These are things I do when I’m not writing a book! While you’re here, I hope you’ll check out my books page. I promise you, I’m a much better writer than I am an embroiderer. 😉

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Happy reading!

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