Some things deserve to be tied with a ribbon

I love making cute little “knitted surprises” to be tucked into books for giveaways. It’s always great to get a free book from an author, but isn’t it more fun to get a free book, AND a knitted bookmark, hand-made by the author?

Now, I’m not a professional knitter. I’m a professional writer. So these won’t be perfect, and they are limited. I make them in my spare time. Every bookmark is different, and I work with colors depending on my mood. This time around I was feeling all monochromatic. But they’re definitely made with love!

Oh, and one more detail for my giveaway winners–I also wrap up it all up with a ribbon, because I believe that a good book and knitted bookmark deserve to be tied up with a bow. Of course, they’ll also get a handwritten note card.

If you’d like to win one of my packages, complete with a knitted surprise, join my monthly newsletter! Every month, I choose four new winners to receive packages from me.

Happy reading!

3 responses to “Some things deserve to be tied with a ribbon”

  1. dovecoffeeganymede81657 Avatar

    It looks like another amazing book.

  2. Deborah Hazelton Avatar
    Deborah Hazelton

    I love the knitted book marks.

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