Some things deserve to be tied with a ribbon

I love making cute little “knitted surprises” to be tucked into books for giveaways. It’s always great to get a free book from an author, but isn’t it more fun to get a free book, AND a knitted bookmark, hand-made by the author?

Now, I’m not a professional knitter. I’m a professional writer. So these won’t be perfect, and they are limited. I make them in my spare time. Every bookmark is different, and I work with colors depending on my mood. This time around I was feeling all monochromatic. But they’re definitely made with love!

Oh, and one more detail for my giveaway winners–I also wrap up it all up with a ribbon, because I believe that a good book and knitted bookmark deserve to be tied up with a bow. Of course, they’ll also get a handwritten note card.

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Happy reading!

9 responses to “Some things deserve to be tied with a ribbon”

  1. dovecoffeeganymede81657 Avatar

    It looks like another amazing book.

  2. Deborah Hazelton Avatar
    Deborah Hazelton

    I love the knitted book marks.

  3. […] And if you’d like to keep up with my book news and get a chance to win packages from me, sign up for my monthly newsletter. Every month, we choose four lucky winners from my subscriber list to receive signed books and knitted surprises. […]

  4. Can’t wait to read this book. Love the bookmarks. Susan

    1. I’m so glad to hear that! Thanks!

      1. Steven Campbell Avatar
        Steven Campbell

        It was supposed to be Susan Campbell 


        div dir=”ltr”>Have a gre

      2. Yes, I figured it was you, Susan! 🙂 No worries!

  5. Can’t wait to read this book. What beautiful bookmarks. Susan

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